Where is the Best Authentic Chinese Food in Albuquerque?

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You have many choices if looking for authentic Chinese food in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can choose from Chinese City, Magokoro Japanese, Chopstix, and Tsai’s Chinese Bistro. There is something for every palate, so you can find a meal that suits your taste.

China City

China City is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque. Its authentic dishes are made with quality ingredients and are highly affordable. Its name, Chin San, translates to “beautiful mountain,” It has been serving the northwest area since the summer of 2012. You can dine in or order takeout, also available for parties.

China City is a locally owned Chinese restaurant with delicious dishes. The menu is a mix of traditional Chinese and modern Chinese cuisine. You can get dishes like twice-cooked pork, tangerine scallops, and Mongolian lamb. This Restaurant has a large following and offers both lunch and dinner sets. The Restaurant commits to providing exemplary service and delicious food to its customers.

The Restaurant’s menu is extensive, with dishes from Taiwan, Shanghai, and Southern China. The chef focuses on quality and fresh ingredients, using generations-old recipes. The Restaurant also offers catering services and is COVID-compliant. The staff is friendly and courteous, making it a perfect location to host an event. Xi’an Famous Foods has over a dozen locations throughout New York City and has earned a 4.5-star rating. Whether planning a wedding or celebrating a birthday, this Restaurant will have something to satisfy every taste.

The food is delicious and affordable, and the portions are large and plentiful. The Restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus, with a wide selection of soup, egg rolls, and fried rice entrees. You can even enjoy sweet and sour options and Szechuan chicken.

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Magokoro Japanese

This Understated Japanese eatery serves curries, rice, and tempura in the evening. You can get ramen noodles, too. Located in the Old Town area, Magokoro is an excellent option for a romantic night out in Albuquerque.

The Restaurant offers a full menu of authentic Japanese dishes, from ramen to grilled eel. They also serve a wide variety of beverages, including wine. Takeout options also allow you to eat at home or take the meal. The ambiance is friendly, and the servings are big.

Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular in the United States, and Magokoro is a great place to try it. This cooking style originated in the late nineteenth century and gained popularity after World War II. Their unique menu offers a wide selection of dumplings, ramen, and eighty toppings for a curry dish. You can also enjoy a plate of Doria, a rice casserole filled with seafood and vegetables and served with soy sauce.

Japanese restaurants have become increasingly popular in Albuquerque. Magokoro Japanese Restaurant, for example, offers authentic Japanese cuisine and even has a sushi bar revolving. This Restaurant uses natural ingredients and avoids artificial preservatives.

Tsai’s Chinese Bistro

If you are looking for authentic Chinese food in Albuquerque, you must try Tsai’s Chinese Bistro. This Restaurant has a variety of dishes from Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Its chefs are known for their unique creations, and the prices are reasonable. This Restaurant offers takeout and delivery options, and it is easy to find parking.

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Tsai’s Chinese Bistro features the best authentic Chinese food in Dubuque. It’s a longtime Albuquerque staple, serving lunch and combination plates. The Restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11 are to 10 pm.

The menu mainly consists of authentic Cantonese and Chinese dishes, including duck and tangerine scallops. The Restaurant has a loyal following and prides itself on the quality of its words. Whether you’re looking for a dinner meal or lunch, Tsai’s Chinese Bistro offers a variety of options to satisfy any taste. It also has takeout options and a large selection of authentic Chinese food.

Tsai’s Chinese Bistro specializes in Chinese food and Taiwanese dishes. Founded in 1979, the Restaurant has built up a loyal clientele. It also caters for large and small parties. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, a Chinese dinner at Tsai’s can be the perfect place to celebrate.


If you’re craving authentic Chinese cuisine, Chopstix is the place to go. Their menu is reminiscent of a Chinese restaurant in a large city, with healthy choices and a focus on vegetables. It takes some time to prepare each dish, and you may want to make reservations for a table, especially if you plan to come on a busy night. Most of the customers at Chopstix are Chinese.

ChopstiX is a traditional Chinese restaurant located in Albuquerque. The food at ChopstiX is very authentic, and it’s hard to find good Chinese cuisine in Albuquerque. The menu includes:

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  • Japanese egg tofu.
  • Stir-fried green beans.
  • Bean curd with mustard greens.
  • Flat beef noodles.

It also offers dishes like Szechuan peppercorn chicken and salt and pepper chicken. One of the most memorable dishes on the menu is the “Jackie Chan” dish, a combination of beef, pork, and pickled kohlrabi.

Chopstix serves Chinese cuisine and has an extensive menu. It specializes in Chinese food but also features Taiwanese and Japanese influences. Since opening in 1979, it has developed a loyal clientele. There are takeout and dine-in options, and they can also cater to giant parties. The menu is affordable, and you can get party trays to impress your friends and family.

Chopstix’s spicy dumplings are among the most popular dishes, as are their Chinese-style noodle dishes. They have plenty of parking, so you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Fan Tang

Fan Tang is a lively counter-service place that serves up a variety of Asian dishes. Its friendly staff makes you feel welcomed and at home. The ambiance is upbeat, and the prices are competitive. We recommend trying it once you’re in Albuquerque.

The Restaurant is easy to find and has a small parking lot to park your car. Inside is an extensive menu on three walls and a curving bar. A comfortable booth overlooks the Central Avenue skyline. The food is fresh and made from family recipes. The Restaurant also offers party trays at affordable prices.

The Dragon House is another option for authentic Chinese food in Albuquerque. The Restaurant features many dishes, including steamed and heart-healthy dishes. The Restaurant’s wholesome approach uses less oil and fat. It also offers a variety of American Chinese staples. It’s a good place for a business lunch or family dinner.

Fan Tang has several gluten-free and vegan options for diners. A vegan version of Singapore Noodles is available. It doesn’t contain lobster, as is traditional in Cantonese restaurants in North America. The presentation is replete with ginger, garlic, and infused chili oil.

Fan Tang has been in business for only a year but has already become a local favorite. This Restaurant has a comprehensive menu, including orange beef and mapo tofu. The friendly staff and affordable prices make this an excellent option for Chinese food lovers. Its atmosphere is relaxed and modern, and the food tastes great. Its staff is friendly and professional.

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