Where Can I Find Good Chinese Food in Seattle?

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There are some great Chinese restaurants in the Seattle area, whether you’re craving spicy Szechuan food, steamed buns, or sweet and sour chicken. You’re bound to find the perfect place for your next meal, from original to modern. From the International District to the Central District, there’s a variety of Chinese food to suit your taste.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

Seattle’s Chinese and Taiwanese food scene offers a wide range of regional cuisines. While historically centered in the Chinatown International District, the scene has expanded to include restaurants throughout the metropolitan area. You can find everything from unassuming dumpling joints to world-renowned hotpot chains. You can also get your fill of boba tea, a refreshing way to cool off after a night of spicy food.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Sichuan food or contemporary dishes made with modern ingredients, the Seattle area offers an incredible selection of Chinese restaurants. For a unique dining experience, head to the International District or one of the many Central and Ballard District neighborhoods. If you’re craving more traditional Chinese cuisine, try the renowned Sichuanese Cuisine, which features a relaxed atmosphere and fun artwork.

Chengdu Taste is another excellent option. With its second-floor dining room, this restaurant features Sichuan staples like Chongqing chicken and chili-laced soup. Its signature dishes include chili-laced Chongqing chicken and a swimming fire fish soup with a carmine chili-peppercorn bouquet.

Little Chengdu

When it comes to Chinese food, Seattle is not short of choices. There are hundreds of Chinese restaurants to choose from, including many that offer takeout. The Chinese restaurant craze has created a wide variety of options, from dim sum carts to Sichuan cuisine. There are many vegetarian options, too, from vegetarian options like JB Garden Dim Sum & BBQ to vegetarian options like Henry’s Taiwan Kitchen.

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A few of the best Chinese restaurants in the city can be found in the International District, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Ballard, Bellevue, and University District. Try a restaurant with authentic Sichuan cuisine if you want a unique dining experience. The atmosphere is relaxed, with fun artwork and a friendly atmosphere.

Sizzling Pot King

Sizzling Pot King is a modern Chinese restaurant that serves Hunan dry, hot pot, and other dishes in a relaxed environment. The words are fresh, authentic, and made to order. The service is also excellent. A quick visit to the restaurant will have you feeling satisfied and energized.

Sizzling Pot King has six locations in the Seattle area. Two are located in Bellevue strip malls, one in Seattle’s Chinatown International District, and one in Shoreline. The restaurants are all modern and streamlined, with black tabletops and laminate wood floors. Each one also features striking Chinese ink drawings on the walls. Some restaurants even have rustic stone accents in their interior.

Sizzling Pot King specializes in Hunan cooking but also features dishes from other parts of China. The words are based on a combination of chilies and garlic. Unlike Sichuan, which is more oily, Hunan dishes have a sharper chili heat.

Hunan cuisine is characterized by its wide range of cooking techniques, which range from smoking and curing meats to stir-frying. Sizzling Pot King’s menu includes dishes like golden pumpkin cakes, “magic tofu,” and mortar-and-pestle-pounded eggplant.

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Szechuan Noodle Bowl

A noodle bowl is not the only way to enjoy Chinese food. Sichuan specialties, such as dumplings and stir-fries, are served in a practical setting. The food here is a perfect blend of flavors and is done in a casual atmosphere.

Among the best Chinese food in Seattle is Szechuan Noodle Bowl, which specializes in Sichuan cuisine. It also serves excellent tea and accepts takeout orders. The noodle bowls are filled with vegetables and come with bok choy wedges. The staff at Szechuan Noodle Bowl is friendly, and the decor is pretty. The restaurant scores a 4.5 on Google’s rating system, so if you’re looking for Chinese food in Seattle, this is a restaurant you should check out.

Check out the restaurant’s online menu to place an order for Szechuan Noodle Bowl Chinese food. If you’d like your order delivered, you can order online or call them to place an order. You can also order food through the Uber Eats app.

The original University District opened in 2016, and a second location in Westlake Center is on the way. Xi’an Noodles has hand-pulled biang-biang noodles, made daily. The noodles are best when served with hot chili oil. The place also serves spicy cumin and lamb.

Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House

If you are looking for Chinese food in Seattle, WA, you should check out Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House. It is a small restaurant that specializes in Barbecue and Chinese cuisine. It is located at 668 S. Weller St. and offers Dine-in, Takeout, and Delivery options.

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The restaurant is near the Asian Pacific American Experience Wing Luke Museum. The menu features a variety of Chinese dishes and a few other specialty items. The prices are reasonable, and you can get takeout or pick up a plate.

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan Cuisine is a traditional Chinese cuisine with many spicy dishes. Seattle has many great restaurants that serve Sichuan cuisine. The authentic food here can be a little spicy if you aren’t familiar with it. You may find that you like spicy food, but you can also try more mild dishes to see if you want them.

The first Sichuan restaurant in Seattle, called Seven Stars, is no longer open, but the restaurant’s legacy is still being felt throughout the city. The cuisine originating at the Seven Stars is now served at other Seattle restaurants. The Sichuan cuisine that opened at Seven Stars was the basis for the Sichuan food scene in Seattle.

If you’re a fan of spicy food, you’ll love the spiciness of Sichuan food. These dishes are traditional and full of flavor. Try a dish like Sichuan green beans. These vegetables, also known as snap beans or string beans, are stir-fried in a dry-frying method that uses less oil and a longer frying time. The dry-fried technique leaves a crispy exterior layer on the vegetables. The green beans are then tossed in a chili-infused oil seasoned with scallions and Sichuan pepper.

For traditional Sichuan cuisine, try one of Seattle’s many authentic restaurants. One of the best places to get Sichuan in Seattle is Frying Fish, which is famous for its consistency and chef’s specialty platters. The restaurant also offers an impressive selection of cold appetizers and spicy and sour dumplings.

Dough Zone Dumpling House

Dough Zone Dumpling House opened in Bellevue, WA, in 2014 and specialized in traditional Chinese comfort food. Most dishes are small enough to share, and there’s a vast menu with more than 50 different options. You can mix and match to find the right combination for you and your taste buds. The food is incredibly fresh, and a Chinese restaurant’s service is above average.

Dough Zone is close to the Washington State Convention Center. The place has affordable prices, knowledgeable staff, and a cozy atmosphere. Customers can eat in or order takeout. This is the place to go if you’re looking for good Chinese food in Seattle.

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