What Region in the US Has the Best Chinese Food?

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Chinese food has become a cultural obsession for Americans for nearly 175 years. It all started when immigrants from southern China flooded the United States, where they provided labor and services for miners. According to Pei-Jou Kuo, a professor of international food and culture at the University of Denver, there are several regions with excellent Chinese cuisine.


Seattle has a diverse array of Chinese restaurants. There are more than 200 in the city alone, many of which serve good Chinese fare. The high praise comes from true food fans, while the negative comments are mainly from those who are less savvy about the culinary world.

If you’re looking for the best Chinese food in the US, Seattle has a wide selection. Seattle’s Chinese food scene has historically been concentrated in the Chinatown International District, but in recent years many more places have emerged throughout the city, reflecting the distinct regional flavors of China. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Sichuan restaurant or something a little more fun, there’s a place for you in Seattle.

If you’re in the mood for dumplings, head to one of the many restaurants that serve xiao long bao. These dumplings are filled with shrimp and peanuts and can be enjoyed for very little money. The Chinese restaurants will serve different versions of their dishes, so you should check out the menu at each place to see what’s new.


If you love Chinese food, you’ll be pleased to know that Portland has some of the best restaurants in the U.S. The city is home to several places serving authentic Chinese food, including 10 Food Restaurants with a stellar reputation for food quality and service. Chinese cuisine is in various styles, from classic to spicy. Each restaurant is unique, from the atmosphere to the service.

Those searching for authentic Chinese food in Portland should visit Zien Hong, an Americanized version of traditional Chinese restaurants. The menu here has a range of Chinese dishes, including killer Singapore noodles and spicy garlic eggplant. If you’re looking for something unique, you might try Beijing Hot Pot, located on S.E. 82nd Ave south of Division. This restaurant offers several unique hot pot options and a spicy broth to sate your appetite.

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San Francisco

There is a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco that is known for its flavorful, spicy dishes. This upscale restaurant features the work of internationally renowned chefs and is a favorite among locals and tourists. The menu is extensive and features a variety of appetizers, soups, and seafood dishes. There is also a comprehensive wine list and signature cocktails.

The early Chinese immigrants to San Francisco came from the greater Canton, Guangdong area. These immigrants brought with them a unique culinary tradition. Today, there are many great Chinese restaurants in the city. Most Chinese restaurants focus on Cantonese cuisine. Dishes such as clay pot rice, dim sum, and “beautiful soup” are locals’ favorites.


If you love Chinese food, you’ll love the food in Austin. There are several excellent Chinese restaurants in the area, and you’ll be able to find authentic dishes and flavors here. You can enjoy the classic favorites, including sweet and sour chicken, dim sum, soup dumplings, Vietnamese dishes, and vegetarian options.

The Chinatown neighborhood is excellent for getting authentic Chinese food in Austin. You can also eat Taiwanese food at the Asia Cafe, named one of the top 50 Chinese restaurants in the U.S. by CNN Travel. It offers various Chinese entrees, and regulars rave about the Fried Turnip Cakes and Xiao Long Bao Dumplings. Another restaurant that serves authentic Chinese food is Julie’s Noodles, which started as a food truck on campus and later became a full-fledged restaurant. They specialize in authentic Chinese soup dumplings and noodle dishes.


If you’re looking for Chinese cuisine in Louisville, Kentucky, you have come to the right place. The Joy Luck Chinese restaurant offers American and authentic Chinese favorites. The restaurant’s large servings and generous flavors make it a must-visit for spice lovers. This restaurant is renowned for its succulent Peking duck, a favorite among Louisville locals.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Chinese cuisine or a more modern spin on traditional Chinese cooking, you’ll find it in Louisville. Numerous restaurants offer delicious Chinese dishes, ranging from the American classic General Tso’s Chicken to authentic Chinese dishes like Stinky Tofu. You’ll find the perfect place to eat, drink and enjoy Louisville’s many attractions.

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New Orleans

Chinese restaurants in New Orleans have a rich and varied history. This city’s restaurants feature various tastes, from traditional dim sum to American-Chinese fusion cuisine. You can choose from an extensive menu of soups, noodle dishes, and meat and seafood entrees. The food is inexpensive and comes with a friendly ambiance.

Williams Boulevard Chinese Restaurant serves a vast menu of traditional Chinese dishes near the airport. Unlike many other Chinese restaurants, the restaurant serves Peking duck, which is rare in New Orleans. The duck is accompanied by bun-style pancakes that are surprisingly thick. There are also light dishes like chicken lettuce wraps.

Another New Orleans restaurant offering authentic Chinese cuisine is Red’s Chinese, a hip restaurant in the French Quarter. It has a fun atmosphere and inventive flavors. There isn’t a single item on the menu that I wouldn’t order again. The portions are generous and an excellent option for a family.

San Gabriel Valley

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food, head to the San Gabriel Valley. Its 20-mile-wide Chinatown is the largest in the U.S. You’ll find many types of regional Chinese cuisine in this area, including Cantonese, Shanghai, and Northern Chinese dishes.

Located near Chengdu Taste, 101 Noodle Express has become a popular chain across Southern California. Its signature dish is the photogenic Shandong-style beef roll, made from fried wheat pancakes filled with thin slices of beef. The noodle bar is also a must-visit for lunchtime.

Its innovative cooking styles blend the flavors of his mom’s kitchen and the taste of local restaurants. The chef, a native of Walnut, is the son of Taiwanese immigrants. The food is delicious, and the ambiance is lively.

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Austin’s Newport Tan

Whether you’re craving authentic Chinese food or want to experience a casual, laid-back ambiance, Austin’s Newport Tan Chinese food is sure to please. This restaurant features a beautiful outdoor patio and offers a variety of Chinese standards and specialties. You can even order takeout or delivery to your home!

This acclaimed Chinese restaurant is best enjoyed with a large group. The menu includes a variety of seafood, including unique house lobster. Salt and pepper crab and Peking duck served in a bun are two menu highlights. The restaurant also offers a selection of craft cocktails and vegetarian options.

Another great option for authentic Chinese food is Asia Cafe. Located in an Austin strip mall, this restaurant specializes in Sichuan cuisine. The menu includes spicy fish soaked in oil, maple tofu, and more. For something a little more unique, try First Chinese BBQ, which specializes in marinated meats. For first-timers, barbecued pork and roasted duck are both reliable choices.

Salt Lake City’s One More Noodle House

One More Noodle House is a noodle diner with outdoor tables and takeout. The menu includes soup, noodles, and meat dishes. Simple Asian noodle dishes are served with a side of vegetables. The food is affordable and satisfying.

This restaurant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for Chinese food in the U.S. Its specialty is broad, thick noodles served with various sauces. Popular dishes include the Sichuan Cool Noodle and the Braised Beef Rice Noodle. The menu also offers vegetarian and vegan options. It also provides excellent service and friendly staff.

In Salt Lake City, a vegetarian can find some of the best Chinese cuisines. Vegetarians can find tofu, vegetarian dishes, and vegetarian dishes. Tofu is available at many other Chinese restaurants, but the chef uses imitation chicken at this one.

Boston’s Gourmet Dumpling House

The Dumpling House in Chinatown is a charming, inexpensive restaurant serving delicious Chinese food. The service is friendly, and the food is fresh. The owners offer a variety of dim sum specialties and other Chinese favorites. The restaurant is open seven days a week.

In Boston, you’ll want to try their famous dumplings. This Chinatown staple opened in 1991 and has been serving authentic dumplings to the Boston area for over 15 years. The restaurant features two stories and a banquet room. The restaurant is also a popular lunch spot.

The Gourmet Dumpling House has a sister location in Cambridge. The Cambridge location is a more upscale version of the Boston location. Both restaurants offer delicious Chinese food and dumplings. They have a long menu of specialties. While the Boston location is small, it offers a wide variety of dumplings that are sure to satisfy any cravings.

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