The Best Chinese Restaurants in Manhattan

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If you plan a Manhattan trip, you should consider checking out some of the best Chinese restaurants in town. You can choose from a variety of different menu items at each place. For example, you can enjoy a variety of Chinese soups, salads, and fried dumplings at Mr. K’s or eat authentic Sichuan food at Xi’an Famous Foods.

Mr. K’s

With a location in the old GE building, Mr. K’s offers a unique, elegant dining experience. The dining room features tall ceilings, plush carpeting, and museum-quality art. The walls are covered in beautiful fabrics and woodwork, and a glass atrium displays lighted luminaries. A popular destination for upscale Chinese and Wall Street types, Mr. K’s also offers a fine selection of international wines.

If you want authentic Chinese cuisine in Manhattan, Mr. K’s is the place to go. The food is prepared with top-quality ingredients and served on imperial flatware. In addition, the restaurant features a full-service bar and offers freshly brewed coffee and tea. It’s a great place to dine if you’re in the mood for something different.

The art-deco interior is rich in color. The decor includes huge, scalloped banquettes and cherry wood columns with etched glass. The staff is well-trained and will spoil you with personalized service. Owners Johnny T. Kao and Edward Cheung are charming perfectionists who take care of guests.

This Chinese restaurant offers a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese dishes, including squid and noodle soup with curry sauce. In addition, it provides an extensive noodle menu, which includes a selection of specialty noodle dishes. Other classics are available here, including General Tso chicken and spring rolls.

Little Alley

The Chinese dining scene is thriving in Manhattan, and some of the most famous places are reminiscent of the Far East. Little Alley is the home of a Shanghai-born chef, where traditional Chinese dishes and soup dumplings are served in a charming brick-walled setting.

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You can order from Little Alley via its website or app and enjoy delivery to your home or office. It also offers Postmates delivery, so you can get your food immediately if you’re in Manhattan and don’t want to wait to eat. For more information, check out the menu.

The menu is full of Chinese favorites. A highlight is a noodle, soup, and dumpling section. If you’re in the mood for spicy ramen, you can order a Jian bing to go. You can also enjoy a traditional Sichuan dish. For more authentic Cantonese dishes, try a noodle dish. You can also order a take-out order.

Little Alley is located in Murray Hill. It’s not the best Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, but it’s a good place for soup dumplings and affordable dinners. It’s not ideal for a large group but a perfect spot for a romantic date. You can quickly get a table for two here. But don’t expect to eat cumin, lamb, or beef.

Xi’an Café started as a food court in Flushing and has 13 locations throughout the city. It is known for its spicy Western Chinese dishes, but it’s also an excellent place to grab a burger. It also offers an extensive menu.


Xi’an Famous Foods is a family-run establishment with multiple locations throughout the city. Its menu features many dishes popular in Xi’an, a city in northwest China. You can order cold-skin noodles, spicy spinach dumplings, or even flatbread sandwiches.

Unlike many Chinese restaurants, Xi’an Famous Foods uses only hand-made ingredients and seasonings. 85% of its dishes are flavored with secret sauces and spices. These seasonings were originally from other cultures and were introduced to China centuries ago via the Silk Road.

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Xi’an Famous Foods also shares Chinese culture through music. They collaborated with other Chinese restaurants in the city to host a concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. Food is an excellent way to learn about a different culture, and Xi’an Famous Foods serves up traditional Chinese fare to thousands of visitors each year.

Xi’an Famous Foods is one of the best places in Manhattan to eat soup dumplings. The restaurant also serves a full menu of Shanghai specialties. The menu includes noodle soups and stir-fry dishes. It also offers dishes such as braised pork shoulder, spicy pork burger, and sweet and sour sea bass.

Jason Wang’s empire has several locations in the city, including in Flushing. The food here is fragrant and spicy and combines ingredients from the Middle East with Asian flavors. His spicy cumin lamb burger is an example of this, with its juicy meat and crunchy bun.

Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods is a family-owned restaurant with a few locations around New York City. The menu features classics from Xi’an, a city in western China famous for terracotta warriors. Signature dishes include lamb pao mo soup and wide, flat ‘biangbiang’ noodles. Customers can expect to wait for up to 30 minutes for a table.

The first location opened in Flushing, Queens, in 2005. It has two levels of seating, and it is popular with Chinese immigrants and westerners. The kitchen’s workflow is efficient without compromising the quality of the food. Whether you are looking for a traditional Chinese meal, a fusion of flavors, or a fast and friendly dinner, Xi’an Famous Foods will satisfy your craving.

The menu features authentic, handcrafted products. Many items are flavored with secret sauces and spices. The Silk Road centuries ago introduced many of these to China. Xi’an Famous Foods has become a New York institution for those who love Chinese cuisine.

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Xi’an Famous Foods has a few outposts across the city. One, in Greenpoint, was temporarily closed in June. Afterward, the company’s CEO, Jason Wang, encouraged supporters to support New York State Bill S8125A, which would cancel rent for small businesses. Since then, Xi’an Famous Foods has slowly reopened its locations in Downtown Brooklyn, Flushing, and Woodside.

Hunan Slurp

Hunan Slurp is a modern and stylish Chinese restaurant in the East Village that uses ingredients and methods native to Hunan. The restaurant features a full menu beyond rice noodle bowls, including stir-fries, seafood, vegetables, and more. The dining room is decorated with blonde wood planks and has a modern, minimalist feel.

Chao Wang, the chef, and artist behind Hunan Slurp, grew up in Hunan and became a chef to overcome his homesickness for his hometown. He worked as an artist before becoming a restaurateur and puts much thought into aesthetics. His dishes are well presented, and he often uses edible flowers to dress them up.

The Classic Chicken dish is reminiscent of the cooking of Chef Wang’s grandmother. The meat is tender, and the sauce is filled with chopped red chili peppers, cumin, and scallions. The dish is best eaten with rustic noodles.

Another great Chinese restaurant in Manhattan is Hunan Slurp, which opened in the spring of 2011. The restaurant is located on the first floor of a historic East Village building. This neighborhood was once the center of New York’s counterculture, and many artists were born here.

Yun Nan Flavour Garden

Popular in the Chinese community, Yun Nan Flavour Garden offers a wide variety of Chinese food, including specialty Chinese noodle dishes and soups. Dumplings are also available. The food is authentic, and the wait staff is friendly and attentive.

Yun Nan Flavour Garden’s menu is relatively simple and unadorned, but it contains a wide selection of delicious Chinese cuisine. The restaurant began as a small, one-woman operation in a cramped side street but has expanded to a larger space on Eighth Avenue. Despite the new location, it retains many quirky and distinctive qualities. For example, Yun Nan’s “Crossing the Bridge” noodles are a standout dish. They’re made from slippery rice noodles, topped with thinly sliced meat, sprouts, and quail eggs.

Although the restaurant is relatively small, the portions are large and affordable, so you can try various dishes. The menu offers both authentic Chinese dishes and American favorites. The restaurant is easily accessible and accepts only cash. The owner has multiple locations. The food is authentic and made using fresh ingredients.

The restaurant also serves authentic Dongbei cuisine. This cuisine originated in northeastern China, and this location has a large selection of dishes made in this region. The menu includes “crossing the bridge noodles,” named after a Chinese scholar’s wife who traveled a small bridge daily to bring the different components. In addition to the noodle menu, the chef also offers pork cracklings and pig intestine petals, which are almost German in flavor.

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