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While many vegetarians may be hesitant to visit restaurants devoted to their diet, they should know that there are some great options in the city. Many places offer vegan options. A few notable ones include Cadence, Dirt Candy, and Xilonen Mexican restaurant. And if you’re looking for a great place to grab a New York Dosa, consider visiting any of these places.

Dirt Candy

The name Dirt Candy is a play on words. This vegetarian restaurant serves innovative dishes with a vegetarian focus. The menu features dishes like leafy greens with aioli, or bagna cauda, a type of Italian dip. A restaurant is an excellent option for a date night or even a group dinner. The cocktails are unique, and the wine list consists of women-owned small-production wineries. The décor is surprisingly minimal, and the focus is on the food and the drinks.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian restaurant in NYC, consider Dirt Candy. This award-winning restaurant serves inventive dishes made with vegetables. Prices range from eighty-five dollars for a five-course tasting menu. The food at Dirt Candy is based on the highest quality ingredients. The restaurant is not vegan, so don’t expect to pay a fortune. However, the high-quality ingredients and the talented team behind the dishes are well worth the price.

Dirt Candy’s chef and owner, Amanda Cohen, is a James Beard nominee and an advocate of vegetable-forward cuisine. She is also committed to creating a better industry. While most restaurants have a tipping system, Dirt Candy is unique because all employees share the profits equally. The menu is fun and colorful, and Amanda Cohen’s colorful plates are an excellent example of an innovative and sustainable approach to food preparation.


Cadence is a plant-based soul food restaurant in New York City. As a result, the menu features deconstructed classics like expertly seasoned smoked grits and housemade fruit cobbler. The restaurant is a good choice for vegetarians and vegans, and the menu includes a range of Black-owned wines. While the restaurant is primarily a sit-down dining establishment, they also offer takeout service.

In the East Village, Cadence is an innovative plant-based soul food restaurant that opened its doors on March 31. Its colorful interior is reminiscent of precious stones and includes a marble bar and an emerald-green tile floor. The restaurant also boasts a famous chef’s counter. Outdoor seating is also available and seats 18 in a cozy outdoor setting on East 7th Street.

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Freeman grew up eating soul food and spent eight months crafting the menu, trying out new ingredients and techniques. He would toss out dish ideas and add others over the phone with family. The new restaurant has already drawn regulars from the neighborhood and from as far as Philadelphia, Austin, and Washington, D.C. However, the wait list can still be long on busy weekends. And Cadence aims to expand into a larger space so the staff can serve more patrons.

Xilonen Mexican restaurant

There are many options in NYC for a vegetarian Mexican restaurant. For instance, Down-to-Earth restaurant specializes in plant-based dishes. Among the menu items are tacos and tortas. The owners are also vegans. This vegetarian restaurant is also one of the few in the city that offers a full menu.

Xilonen is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Greenpoint, near McCarren Park. The menu features 75 percent vegetarian and vegan options. Some of the newer menu items include a braised carrot tostada, a carrot top salsa verde, and a masa tempura broccoli taco. In addition, Xilonen will soon add a dinner menu.

Xilonen opened on the same day as Bazdarich closed Speedy Romeo and is named after the Aztec goddess of early-summer corn. Chef Alan Delgado, who had worked at Oxomoco, created a vegetarian menu focused on plant-based ingredients. While the menu is primarily vegan and vegetarian, it does feature a small number of eggs and dairy products.

New York Dosas

When looking for a vegetarian restaurant in NYC, there are several options. Some of them are vegan, while others are strictly vegetarian. Those that are purely vegan might be disappointed. The following restaurants are good options to try out. These include a. The Better Burger is a plant-based burger that is a definite contender for the best burger in NYC. The restaurant also serves good sides and frozen desserts. The downside to this restaurant is that there is very little seating.

A: A place to eat in NYC that offers vegan options is Dirt Candy in SoHo. The restaurant opened in 2008 and is one of the first plant-based restaurants in New York. Since then, many other plant-based eateries have opened. The city’s vegan and vegetarian scene is thriving.

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b. Angaar is another excellent choice. It is one of the only vegetarian restaurants in the UWS praised by Michelin. It has won many awards, including Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC.

Urban Vegan Kitchen

If you’re looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in NYC, you’ve come to the right place. This vegan deli offers everything from crispy crablets cakes to plant-based prosciutto. You can even order vegan takeout! They also deliver to other parts of NYC. Located on the Lower East Side, this restaurant offers a variety of vegan options. You can also enjoy their delicious shakes, which include Cookie Dough and Nut Crunch.

Located at 38 E 19th St, Veggie Grill features seasonal vegetarian plates and nonalcoholic cocktails. This plant-powered eatery also offers delicious options like green hummus, upside-down pineapple cake, fried maitake, walnut bolognese, and yam bread with tomato. The restaurant also offers a wide range of nonalcoholic drinks, including tonics and shakes.

Another excellent option for a vegetarian meal in NYC is Urban Vegan Kitchen. This vegan eatery offers delicious vegan dishes with a southern twist. Some of the most popular words here are vegan ‘chicken and waffles and vegan mac n cheese.

P.S. Kitchen

This upscale, vegan restaurant offers an impressive array of vegan plates and vegan bar snacks. Moreover, it donates a portion of its profits to charity. It has an excellent reputation in the community. It is a must-visit vegetarian restaurant in NYC. You can also visit the nearby Vegan Place, a chic restaurant that offers vegan plates and vegan bar snacks.

The concept of P.S. Kitchen is rooted in high-minded ideals. They are committed to serving fresh and sustainable food. Moreover, the establishment has been recognized as one of the top new restaurants by Time Out New York. It is also located just a block from Times Square, making it the perfect prelude to a Broadway show or a night on the town.

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Unlike other vegan restaurants in NYC, P.S. Kitchen donates 100% of its profits to charities. It also offers vegan and gluten-free dishes. Their vegan-friendly menu is an excellent option for those with food allergies. Some of the selections are made from local vegetables. For example, the buffalo chicken sandwich is made with hen of the woods mushrooms.

Spring Cafe

The Spring Cafe NYC is a new concept that opened in late September. Its founder, Sabrina Rudin, is known for serving 100% organic vegetarian fare. The restaurant uses TENSUI filtered water and is built with non-toxic materials. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers an impressive wine list curated by Drink Ramona founder Jordan Salcito.

Vegetarians and vegans alike will find this restaurant a welcome respite. The pale green walls and carpeting are a nice touch, and the menu features convincing mock-meat dishes. Dishes include “shrimp” dumplings, “chicken” made of sesame, and “chicken” made of deep-fried bean curd skin. Fresh fruit shakes are also available, and several vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Le Botaniste

If you’re looking for a great vegetarian restaurant in NYC, Le Botaniste is worth checking out. The restaurant is a plant-based, 99 percent organic, and gluten-free establishment serving many delicious dishes. From their famous Tibetan Mama Rice Bowl to their botanical bolognese, Le Botaniste has something for everyone. This plant-based restaurant has even been certified CO2 neutral, a first in the industry.

Founded in Belgium, Le Botaniste opened four locations in New York City. It’s famous for its plant-based dishes and has become one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in the city. It’s owned by Alain Coumont, the founder of Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian chain of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Coumont has created a menu that focuses on “pure, practical, surprising” cuisine, and the restaurant offers a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere for eating.

All menu items are made on-site and from scratch. Many vegetarian and vegan options include the Steamed Fennel and Beet Salad with arugula, olives, and sunflower seeds. There is also a Vegan lasagna made with brown rice pasta, fresh vegetables, and sunflower mozzarella. The restaurant also offers various packaged supplements and workshops focused on Ayurvedic cooking.

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